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Reading Comprehension – The Importance
Reading comprehension is the ability to understand a written passage of text. It’s answering “yes” to the question, “Did you ‘get’ what you read?”

Reading comprehension is what allows the reader to interact with the text in a meaningful way. It’s the bridge from passive reading to active reading — from letters and words to characters and contexts. Reading comprehension is the crucial link to effective reading — a strong factor in our educational and professional lives. For many, reading comprehension also unlocks the door to a lifetime of reading recreation and enjoyment.

Reading Comprehension – The Issue
Reading comprehension is a direct by-product of reading fluency. Without fluency, readers spend their time and effort decoding words, rather than understanding them. A widespread study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in 1995 confirmed the tight correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension among fourth graders. The study concluded that reading fluency is “a neglected reading skill in many American classrooms, affecting many students’ reading comprehension.”1

The low level of reading comprehension among American students reveals issues with underlying reading proficiency. A wide variety of studies suggest that as many as 85% of students testing low in core reading skills also have weak underlying cognitive skills such as auditory and visual processing. Thus, for many students, successful reading comprehension means a return to the basic mental tools that create a firm cognitive foundation.

Reading Comprehension – The Answer
Reading comprehension is the result of effective reading. Effective reading is grounded in strong cognitive skills such as attention, auditory analysis, sound blending, sound segmenting, memory, processing speed, and visualization. Therefore, the key to improving weak reading comprehension is to confront and correct weak mental skills in these cognitive areas.

At LearningRx, we understand the importance of reading comprehension. We also recognize that many students can achieve gains in reading comprehension only after returning to the cognitive basics. Based on nearly two decades of research and testing, we’ve developed a revolutionary “sound-to-code” reading system modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned. The LearningRx reading system teaches reading and spelling concurrently through techniques that train students to quickly and accurately connect letter combinations with the corresponding speech sounds. The program works with anyone struggling with reading comprehension and proficiency, but it’s especially beneficial for students who have developed inefficient or inaccurate reading habits. In fact, student-readers using the LearningRx program are averaging over 4.5 years of reading skills improvement in less than six months of cognitive skills training.

When you’re ready to tackle reading comprehension in a practical, powerful, and lasting way, please contact your local LearningRx Center. You’ll learn everything you need to know about cognitive skills training and how it can improve your student’s life for a lifetime!

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